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New SBE/MBE Program for M-DCPS - “Promoting the development and growth of Small Business and MIcro Business Enterprises, and to ensure that they have the maximum opportunity to do business with the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida”

What is the Small/Micro Business Enterprise?
The Small/Micro Business Enterprise (S/MBE) Program provides a race and gender-neutral process designed to encourage greater S/MBE availability, capacity development and contract participation in School Board contracts, to advance the School Board’s compelling interest in ensuring that it is neither an active nor passive participant in private sector marketplace discrimination, and to promote equal opportunity for all segments of the contracting community to participate in School Board contracts.

What are the benefits of becoming a Small/Micro Business Enterprise?
The Small/Micro Business Enterprise Program is established to provide expanded participation by small businesses in the School Board procurement process in bidding for school site contracts.

What are the criteria for becoming a Small/Micro Business Enterprise?

The business is an independently owned and operated business that is not dominant in its field of operation and is performing a commercially useful function.
The business has its actual place of business in Miami-Dade County for at least a year preceding the application.
The business has been established for at least one year or the principals of the business have at least three years of relevant experience prior to forming or joining the business;
The business has a local business tax receipt and all required professional licenses, contractor qualifier licenses, and/or Certificate of Competency;
The owner and/or qualifier of the business must have the required professional license(s) and contractor qualification license.
The District’sS/MBE requirements are applied to entities of size standards and gross revenue based on industry. Requirements for eligibility with the District and industry are:


Micro Business Enterprise

Small Business Enterprise

Construction & Specialty Trades

Less than $1,000,000*

Tier 1 – Less than $3,000,000*
Tier 2 – Less than $6,000,000*

Goods and Services

Less than $1,000,000*

Tier 1 – Less than $2,000,000*
Tier 2 – Less than $4,000,000*

Professional Services (A/E)

Less than $500,000*

Tier 1 – Less than $1,000,000*
Tier 2 – Less than $2,000,000*

Professional Services (non A/E)

Less than $1,000,000*

Tier 1 – Less than $2,000,000*
Tier 2 – Less than $4,000,000*

Featured School Board Policies:

SB Policy 6610 Internal Accounts E. 2.
SB Policy 6320 Purchasing
SB Policy 6320.02 Small/MIcro Business Enterprise Program and Minority/Women Business Enterprise Certification
SB Policy 6320.05 Local-Vendor Preference


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